Antler & Thistle Social Club

Game Session 2

It's Penut Butter Jelly Time!

The Club marched north from Brindol for about eight hours before reaching the ruins of castle Rivenroar. They wasted no time finding the entrance to the underground catacombs and brazenly enter Sinruth’s lair. Waiting at the bottom of the stairs was a small group of hobgoblin soldiers and goblin archers. As soon as the Club entered one of the goblins activated the motion of two fiery braziers by opening one the doors leading out of the room. The Club battled their foes while the braziers moved up and down the chamber alternately shooting gouts of flame across the room. The Club quickly dispatched the initial guard and shut down the braziers.

Barely winded from the fight the Club ventured further into the catacombs. They found a chamber serving as living quarters for Sinruth’s army and encountered a bit of heavier resistance. The fight took a heavier toll on the Club but they still prevailed.

While the most of the Club were recovering from the fight in the goblin’s quarters, Fred decided to continue exploring. Fred entered a chamber that contained a large glowing picture of a sinister looking castle in the middle of a swamp that flickered. As Fred examined the picture a slimy creature slithered out of the picture and attacked him. Fred screamed for help and the rest of the Club rushed in to help. The ocher jelly proved to be a formidable foe and it wounded heavily wounded Fred. Malchediel and Umaga managed to block the jelly from finishing off Fred but as the creature was wounded it split in two. A short while into the fight three specters attacked the Club from the rear. Fred was knocked unconscious by one of the specters but Rangrim was able to invoke the authority of Moradin and turned the foul creature. Rangrim then healed Fred and the club destroyed the jellies and specters.

Wounded and tired the Club decided to find a place to rest and recuperate.



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