Antler & Thistle Social Club

Game Session 4

Malchediel used actual tactics and we pounded them. Even if he almost died once. (Yay for making Death Saves, and Yay for Cleric / Bard healers!)

Game session 3

Umaga rocked the house.

Game Session 2
It's Penut Butter Jelly Time!

The Club marched north from Brindol for about eight hours before reaching the ruins of castle Rivenroar. They wasted no time finding the entrance to the underground catacombs and brazenly enter Sinruth’s lair. Waiting at the bottom of the stairs was a small group of hobgoblin soldiers and goblin archers. As soon as the Club entered one of the goblins activated the motion of two fiery braziers by opening one the doors leading out of the room. The Club battled their foes while the braziers moved up and down the chamber alternately shooting gouts of flame across the room. The Club quickly dispatched the initial guard and shut down the braziers.

Game Session 1
The Band of the Hand.

The adventure begins in the city of Brindol in the Elsir Vale.

Fred wakes up in the Antler & Thistle tavern underneath a table when the early morning sun comes streaming through one the few windows. Fred can’t remember how he got there, why he’s there or who he is. He has a foggy memory of someone calling him “Fred” but can’t be sure if that is his real name. Deciding he’s really hungover Fred rolls over and goes back to sleep.


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